ICMCHK Parser Issue Reports (BUGs)

ID# Title Requester Date
Severity Priority Status Date
4 Erroneous Filename Checking of Touchstone Files Michael Mirmak, Intel Corp. April 18, 2007 SEVERE HIGH CLOSED January 30, 2009
3 Crash When Model_pinmap is Empty Alex Zhao, Cadence 09/08/2006 SEVERE HIGH CLOSED October 14, 2006
2 Incorrect Resolution to BUG 1 Michael Mirmak, Intel Corp. January 5, 2006 MODERATE MEDIUM CLOSED October 14, 2006
1 Text Block Overflow for Very Verbose Mode Nilmoni Deb 2004.12.1 MODERATE MEDIUM CLOSED March 13, 2005

The incorporation of the bugs into the various versions of ICMCHK are shown in bugdir.txt.

To find out how to submit a bug to the IBIS Open Forum, please read the document icm_bugform.txt.