IBIS-AMI Model Review Service

The IBIS Open Forum offers an IBIS-AMI model review service for semiconductor vendors producing IBIS-AMI models. The service is not available to model users. The purpose is to validate that the IBIS-AMI models are constructed properly and function correctly with several EDA tools supporting IBIS-AMI (some of which may support different features).

  • Volunteers from several EDA vendors will review and provide feedback on your IBIS-AMI models on a time available basis. There is no guarantee of a response from any individual reviewer, however, reviewers have agreed to make an effort to do what they can to help insure the availability of quality IBIS-AMI models for the industry.
  • All review comments are made privately and directly to the model submitter.
  • All communication and materials remain confidential. Feedback comments are not shared with anyone else, including other model reviewers. Only the number of review requests received are reported to the IBIS Open Forum.
  • If your model contains proprietary information and requires a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), such arrangements must be made directly with each reviewer.
  • The review performed includes checks and tests deemed useful by each reviewer, which may include basic IBIS-AMI compliance checks, functional tests using specific tools, and any other evaluations reviewers are willing and able to offer.
  • You are requested to check your models in advance with the latest version of ibischk in advance of submittal for review.
  • The service is intended for IBIS-AMI models, but reviewers may examine other models in the supplied materials at their discretion.
  • Questions about the service may be directed to the model review coordinator.
  • Any issues regarding the service should be directed to the current IBIS Open Forum Chair, or any other IBIS board member.

Submit your model review request with or without the models themselves (depending on NDA requirements) to model review coordinator Bob Ross bob@teraspeedlabs.com. The review request and any attachments supplied will be distributed separately to each member of the current list of reviewers, who will in turn contact you privately to proceed.

Contact Bob Ross to submit an IBIS-AMI model for review