2004 ANSI/EIA-656A IBIS Committee Participation Roster

As of 12/15/04 (updated periodically)
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NOTE: This roster lists companies and organizations that have either
participated in creating the IBIS spec or are creating/distributing/using
IBIS models.  Other than the specific statements of support under each
organization's name, no support nor endorsement of the specification is
implied.  Companies designated by * are members of the EIA IBIS Open Forum.

Aeroflex UTMC Microelectronic Systems

Primary:  Greg Haynes    
Phone:    (719) 594-8197  Fax: (719) xxx-xxxx
Secondary:Teresa Farris     
Phone:    (719) 594-8035  Fax: (412) xxx-xxxx
Address:  4350 Centennial Blvd.
    Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907
Support:  IBIS models for our standard parts
    are available from our web page.
Tag line: Aeroflex UTMC is a supplier of integrated circuits
          and circuit card assemblies for the aerospace, commercial,
          communication and industrial markets.
Category: Model provider (for our own ICs)


Primary:   Michael Brenneman
Phone: 408-261-9095 ext. 31 FAX: 408-261-1245
Address: 5300 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 650
San Jose, CA 95129
Secondary: Mary Tolikas
Phone: 781-229-8900 ext. 112 FAX:781-229-8624
Address: 25 Burlington Mall Road
Burlington, MA 01803
Support: Ansoft Designer v2.0, The Seamless Solution for Physics-Based RF, High-Speed, and Communication Design, supports IBIS models. For more information, please visit www.ansoft.com
Tag-line: Ansoft is a leading developer of high-performance electronic design automation (EDA) software. Engineers use Ansoft software to design state-of-the-art electronic products, such as cellular phones, Internet-access devices, broadband networking components and systems, integrated circuits (ICs), printed circuit boards (PCBs), automotive electronic systems, power electronics, and fuel-cell technology. Ansoft markets its products worldwide through its own direct sales force and has comprehensive customer-support and training offices throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. For more information, please visit www.ansoft.com.
Category: EDA vendor

* Applied Simulation Technology, Inc

Primary:  Fred Balistreri    
Phone:    (408) 436-9070 ext102, Fax: (408) 436-9078
Secondary:Neven Orhanovic    
Phone:    (503) 579-0679         Fax: (XXX) XXX-XXXX
Address:  2025 Gateway Place, Suite 318
          San Jose, CA 95110
Support:  Applied Simulation Technology tools support IBIS models.  
Tag-line: Applied Simulation Technology offers accurate, state of the art
          signal integrity, EMI / EMC and circuit simulation tools.
Category: EDA vendor

Apt Software Avenues Pvt Ltd

Primary:  Atul P. Agarwal 
Phone:    +(91) (33) 353 0678
Secondary:Nirmal K. Agarwala
Phone:    +(91) (33) 353 1959
Address:  P84A CIT Road scheme IV (M) Calcutta 700 010, India
Support:  Apt Software has developed the IBIS 3 Golden Parser and is also 
          responsible for its maintenance and support.
Tag-line: Apt Software provides turnkey software development services in 
          the areas of VLSI CAD, hand-held devices and Web based Client Server 
          applications. We also develop IBIS models by circuit simulation of
          Spice netlists.
Category: IBIS model and IBIS related software developer.

Brocade Communications System, Inc

Primary:  Robert Badal    
Phone:    (408) 501-8647, Fax: (408) 487-8090
Secondary:Ralph B.    
Phone:    (408) 501-8194, Fax: (408) 487-8090
Address:  1745 Technology Drive
          San Jose, CA 95110
Support:  Brocade is a participant in and supporter of IBIS activities. We use
          IBIS models for Signal Integrity Analysis on high-speed networking
Tag-line: Brocade is the leading provider of Storage Area Networking
          infrastructure. The Brocade SilkWorm(r) family of Fibre Channel
          switches and software is designed to optimize data availability in 
          the storage enterprise. Using Brocade solutions, companies can
          simplify the implementation of Storage Area Networks (SANs), reduce
          the total cost of ownership of data storage environments, and improve
          network and application efficiency and performance. For more
          information, visit the Brocade website at www.Brocade.com  
Category: IBIS user

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Primary:  Lance Wang 
Phone:    (978) 262-6685  FAX: (978) 262-6363 
Address:  270 Billerica Road
          Chelmsford, MA 01824
Phone:    Unavailable
Address:  Unavailable
Support:  Cadence has been a member of the IBIS Open Forum since the
          very beginning. SPECCTRAQuest, the leading Signal Integrity analysis
          software for PCBs with high speed signals, supports IBIS models.  The
          SPECCTRAQuest family of products includes Model Integrity, an easy to
          use environment for creation, manipulation and validation of IBIS
          models. Model Integrity is integrated with SPECCTRAQuest simulation and
          analysis environment. 
Tag-line: Cadence, the worldwide leader in electronic design automation,
          combines leading-edge technology and a complementary set of services to
          help  accelerate development of advanced PCBs with high speed content
          while improving the overall performance of high-speed electronic
Category: EDA vendor

* Cisco Systems,Inc

Primary:  Syed Huq 
Phone:    (408) 525-3399, Fax: 408-526-5504
Secondary:Sergio Camerlo 
Phone:    (408) 527-1378, Fax: 408-526-5504
Address:  170 West Tasman Drive
          San Jose, CA 95134-1706, USA
Support:  Cisco is an active participant and supporter of IBIS activities.
          IBIS models are used for Signal Integrity Analysis on
          High-speed Networking products. Cisco is also the webmaster of the
          IBIS website.
Tag-line: Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in
          networking for the Internet. Cisco products include routers, LAN and
          ATM switches, dial-up access servers and network management software.
          These products, integrated by the Cisco IOS software, link
          geographically dispersed LANs, WANs and IBM networks. Cisco Systems
          news and product/service information are available on the World Wide
          Web site at http://www.cisco.com. Cisco Systems is headquartered in
          San Jose, California.
Category: IBIS user and model developer(Cisco ASICs).


Primary:  Garry Felker
Phone:    (949) 483-3245 Fax: (949) 483-9501
Secondary: Arzu Simsek
Phone:    (949) 483-5714         Fax: (949) 483-9501
Address:  4311 Jamboree Road, Newport Beach, CA 92658
Support:  Conexant supplies IBIS models for its devices
Tag-line: What's Next in Communications Technologies
Category: Semiconductor supplier

Cypress Semiconductor

Primary:  Tess Trethewey    
Phone:    (408) 943-4883, Fax: (408) 943-2949
Secondary:Derwin Mattos    
Phone:    (408) 545-7571, Fax: (408) 943-2949
Address:  3901 N. First Street 
          San Jose, CA 95134, USA
Support:  Cypress will generate IBIS models for the integrated circuits
          it designs and manufactures.
Tag-line: Cypress is a leader in the development and production of high-
          performance CMOS and BiCMOS digital integrated circuits.
Category: Model provider

EMC Corporation

Primary:  Brian Arsenault 
Phone:    (508) 249-4139  Fax:(508) 435-8949
Secondary:Terry Jernberg 
Phone:    (508) 249-4860  Fax:(508) 497-8741
Address:  171 South Street
          Hopkinton, MA 01748
Tag-line: 'Where information lives!'
Category: IBIS User

Fairchild Semiconductor

Primary:  Adam Tambone  
Phone:    (207) 761-6414, Fax:(207) 761-6137
Secondary:Graham Connolly  
Phone:    (207) 775-4579, Fax:(207) 761-6137
Address:  82 Running Hill Rd., MS 35-2H
          South Portland, ME  04106

* Freescale

Primary:  Jon Burnett


Primary:  Chris Dehnam 
Phone:    (703) 907-7567. Fax: (703) 907-7501
Address:  2500 Wilson Blvd.
          Arlington, VA 22201

Green Streak Programs

Primary:  Lynne Green       
Phone: (425)788-0412, Fax: (425)788-4289
Address: 20130 181st Place NE
Woodinville, WA 98077
Support: Green Streak Programs provides on-site IBIS training as well as
conference workshops. Specializing in behavioral modeling, with
training in several modeling languages, including IBIS buffer and
ICM modeling, Verilog-A, VHDL-AMS, HSPICE and PSpice.
Hands-on IBIS and SI training with Cadence tools (SigXP, Model
Integrity) and Mentor Graphics tools (HyperLynx and Visual
IBIS Editor).
Tag-line: IBIS training when you need it, where you need it.
Category: Training provider

Hewlett-Packard Company

(Includes the former Compaq Computer Corporation)
Primary:  Dick Doucette  
Phone:    (508) 467-4545, Fax: (508) 467-4493
Address:  200 Forest St. MR01-1/P5
          Marlboro MA 01752
Secondary:Shafiq Rahman  
Phone:    (281) 514-9079, Fax: (281) 518-0652
Address:  080802
          20555 SH 249
          Houston, TX 77070-2698
Support:  Compaq will generate IBIS models for its own chip products, 
          including the line of ALPHA AXP microprocessors, peripheral and          
          communication chips, as needed, and support IBIS models in            
          in-house simulation tools.

* Hitachi ULSI Systems Co., Ltd.

Primary:  Kazuyoshi Shoji    
Phone:    81-42-775-7541, Fax: 81-42-775-7516
Secondary:Nonoyama Sadahiro    
Phone:    81-42-326-8522, Fax: 81-42-328-4378
Address:  3-1-35 Minamihashimoto 
          Hashimoto, Kanagawa, 229-1197, Japan
Support:  We create all the IBIS models for HITACHI Ltd,, ELPIDA Memory,
          INC.& RENESUS Technology Corp. semiconductor products.
          At the same time, we also use IBIS models for our system
          products design.
Tag-line: Hitachi ULSI Systems Co., Ltd. is the one of the largest
          semiconductor design company in JAPAN.
          We also provides system solution products includes;
          manufacturing CIM, SH solution engine, Portable PC power 
          management chips, etc..

*Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.

Primary:  Jiang Xiang Zhong
Phone:    +86-755-6540549, Fax: +86-755-6540568
Secondary:Li Jin Jun
Phone:    +86-755-26540578,Fax: +86-755-26540568
Address:  Kefa Road
          Science-Based Industrial Park
          Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518057
Support:  We use IBIS models for Signal Integrity Analysis on high-speed 
          telecom products.  
Tag-line: Huawei Technologies is a company that specializes in research 
          and development (R&D) of telecom products, their production and
          marketing. It provides customised total solutions for telecom 
          carriers in fixed networks, mobile and data communication and optical
          transmission networks. For more information, visit the Huawei website
          at www.huawei.com Category: IBIS user and ASIC modeling


Primary:  Pravin Patel
Phone:    (919) 543-3837   Fax:(919) 254-7778
Address:  3039 Cornwallis Road
          RTP, NC 27709
Secondary:Greg Edlund
Phone:    (507) 253-2952   Fax:(507) 253-4966
Address:  3605 Hwy 52 N, Dept. HDC 
          Rochester, MN 55901
Support:  IBM provides its ASIC customers with high-quality IBIS model data that are
          extracted directly from the circuit model.  IBM IBIS users will benefit
          from accurate receiver thresholds and C_comp values.  Our process for
          extracting IBIS model data involves automatic correlation between
          behavioral and transistor-level simulations during which we review goodness
          of fit using established figures of merit.  IBIS datasheets for IBM's
          PowerPC microprocessors are available on the web.

Tag-line: IBM is both an IBIS datasheet developer and an IBIS user.  IBM
          joined the IBIS Open Forum as a voting member in March of 1999.

* Intel Corporation

Primary:  Michael Mirmak      
Phone:    (916) 356-4261, Fax: (916) 377-1046
Address:  1900 Prairie City Rd., 
       M/S FM6-45
     Folsom, CA 95630
Secondary:Will Hobbs      
Phone:    (503) 264-4369, Fax: (503) 712-4490
Address:  2111 N.E 25th Avenue, 
          M/S JF5-254
    Hillsboro, OR 97124-5961
Secondary:Arpad Muranyi      
Phone:    (916) 356-2558, Fax: (916) 377-1046
Address:  1900 Prairie City Rd.
       M/S FM6-45
          Folsom, CA 95630

Support:  Intel is a strong supporter of the IBIS standard, and provides
          IBIS models for many of its components. To access models of 
          publicly announced and supported components, click on the models
          link on the IBIS web page then search for Intel.          

          For information on models of unannounced products, contact your
          local Intel field sales office.

Tag-line: Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading 
          manufacturer of personal computer networking and communications
Category: Model provider


Primary:  Shinichi Maeda
Phone:    (603) 886-8711, Fax: (603) 881-8763
Address:  39 Simon Street
          Nashuz, NH 03060, USA
Tag-line: KAW/USA designs, engineers and consults "Total Concept
          Solution" of sytem from IC packagind design to board design,
          fabrication based signal integrity analysis.
Category: End user

Leventhal Design & Communications

Primary:  Roy Leventhal 
Phone:    (847)590-9398   FAX: Call before sending (847)590-9398
Address:  1924 N. Burke Dr.
          Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Support:  Generate, validate, verify and manage IBIS models and libraries. 
          Design net topologies and terminations for Signal Integrity (SI).
          Develop design constraints for place and route and flow them into CAD. 
          Perform pre and post route SI simulation sweeps and verify timing.
          Simulate and remedy SI, EMI regulatory and power integrity issues.
          Provide reliability and yield (quality) analysis for SI and EMI issues.
          Lead design process improvements and their ISO 9000 documentation.
          Deliver training in IBIS, SPICE, Scattering Parameters, Signal 
          Integrity, and EMI.
Tag-Line: Leventhal Design & Communications has an unusually broad and deep 
          understanding of high-speed digital electronics design.  We have extensive 
          experience and training in IBIS, semiconductor modeling, signal integrity, 
          EMI, process variation, and the application of simulation tools to design 
          Our goal is to help you meet your most challenging project schedules. 
          Toward this end, we work closely and effectively with your design staff 
          and, if needed, can call on experts in related technical fields.
Category: IBIS user and model developer (consulting or contracting)

* LSI Logic

Primary:  Frank Gasparik
Phone:    (719) 533-7000, Fax: (719) 533-7480
Address:  4420 Arrowswest Drive
          Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Support:  LSI Logic provides IBIS models for selected SCSI components from 
          its Storage Standard Products division.
Tag-line: The Communications Company
Category: Model Provider

Maxim Integrated Products

Primary:  Cathy Xu
Phone:    (408)530-6508    Fax: (408)735-9653
Secondary: Unavailable
Phone:     Unavailable
Address:  120 San Gabriel Drive, MS 140
          Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Support:  Maxim is the leading provider of Analog and Mixed-signal products.
Category: Model Provider

* Mentor Graphics

Primary:  John Angulo  
Phone:    (425) 869-2320, Fax: (425) 881-1008
Address:  14715 N.E. 95th Street, Suite 200
          Redmond, WA 98052
Secondary:Ian Dodd    
Phone:    (720) 494-1197  Fax: (720) 494-0457
Address:  1811 Pike Rd, Bldg #2, Suite F
          Longmont, Colorado 80501
Secondary:Guy de Burgh  
Phone:    (805) 988-8250, Fax: (805) 988-8259
Address:  1369 Del Norte Rd.
          Camarillo, CA 93010
Support:  Mentor Graphics provides EDA simulation and analysis products 
supporting the full range of IBIS features, including multi-lingual
extensions for integrated VHDL and SPICE modeling.

Visual IBIS Editor: The Visual IBIS Editor is an IBIS model
development tool available without charge. It includes syntax
validation, the Easy IBIS Wizard for model creation, a model template
generator, and graphical viewer for I-V and V-T tables.

Tag-line: The leading Interconnect Synthesis, signal integrity, and timing tool
supplier for Windows and Unix platforms

Category: EDA Vendor

* Micron Technology, Inc

Primary:  Randy Wolff
Phone:    (208)363-1764, Fax: (208)368-3475
Phone:    (208)xxx-xxxx, Fax: (208)xxx-xxxx 
Address:  8000 S. Federal Way
          Mail Stop: 01-711
          Boise, ID 83707-0006
Support:  Micron Technology, Inc. provides IBIS v3.2 models for 
          selected DRAM, PSRAM, and Flash memory products. 
Tag-line: Micron manufactures and markets DRAMs, Flash Memory, CMOS image sensors,other semiconductor components and memory modules for use in leading-edge computing, consumer, networking, and mobile products.
Category: Model provider.

 Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA Inc.

Primary:  Tam(Tom) Cao
Phone:    (919) 767-7827, Fax: (919) 767-6100
Address:  2635 Meridian Parkway
          Durham, NC 27713
Secondary:Tadato Yamagata(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
Fax:      +81-727-80-2649
Address:   4-1 Mizuhara,Itami,Hyogo 664,Japan

Support:  Mitsubishi provides IBISv2.1 models for selected
          memory product lines.
Tag-line: Mitsubishi designs, engineers, and produces advanced semiconductor
          devices for use in computer video and communications equipment.
Category: Models provider & End user.

Molex Incorporated

Primary:  Gus Panella
Phone:    (630) 527-4617 FAX: (630)969-1352
Address:  2222 Wellington Court
          Lisle, Illinois 60532
Secondary:Jim McGrath   
Phone:    (630) 527-4037
Address:  2222 Wellington Court
          Lisle, Illinois 60532
Support:  Molex is a participant in and supporter of IBIS activities. We plan
          to create IBIS models in support of the IBIS connector standard.
Tag-line: Molex is both an IBIS datasheet developer and an IBIS user.
          Molex joined the IBIS Open Forum as a voting member in February 
          of 2000 and one of the principal developers of the proposed IBIS 
          Connector Specification.
Category: IBIS user and model developer

Motorola, Inc.

Primary:  Rick Kingen
Phone:    (256)922-4030   Fax:(256)922-4013
Address:  6767 Old Madison Pike, Suite 490
          Huntsville, Al 35806      
Support:  Motorola creates IBIS v2.1 models for various products.
Category: Model provider.

 National Semiconductor Corp.

Primary:  Lee Sledjeski  
Phone:    (207) 541-8609, Fax:(207)541-6108 
Phone:    (207) xxx-xxxx, Fax:(207)541-6108 
Address   National Semiconductor
          5 Foden Road
          Mail Stop 03-03
          South Portland, ME 04106
Support:  National Semiconductor provides IBISv2.1 and IBISv3.2 models
          from various product lines.  
          Refer to http://www.natonal.com/models/ibis/ibis.html for the
          latest available models.
Tag-line: National Semiconductor will provide system-on-a-chip
          solutions for our key data highway strategic partners, exploiting
          our analog expertise as a starting point for forward integration.
Category: Model provider & End user

* NEC Electronics Corporation

Primary   Takeshi Watanabe
Phone:    +81 44-435-1511, Fax: +81 44-435-1888
Address:  1753 Shimonumabe, Nakahara, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 211-8666,
Secondary:Itsuki Yamada
Phone:    +81 44-435-1513, Fax: +81 44-435-1888
Address:  1753 Shimonumabe, Nakahara, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 211-8666,
Support:  NEC attaches importance to signal integrity analysis,
          and provides IBISv2.1 models of System LSI and ASIC,
          if it is necessary.
Category: Model provider & End user

North Carolina State University

Primary:  Michael Steer, Paul Franzon     
Phone:    919-515-5191   919-515-7351
          FAX for all three: 919-515-2285
Address:  ECE Dept. Box 7911
          NC State Univ.
          Raleigh, NC  27695-7911
Support:  Two SPICE to IBIS converters have been developed and are in
          the public domain. They are both available on our Web page,
          and at the IBIS Web page.

North East Systems Associates, Inc. (NESA)

Primary:  Dr. Ed Sayre   
Phone:    (978) 392-8787, Fax: (978) 392-8686           
Secondary:Kathy Breda 
Phone:    978) 392-8787, Fax: (978) 392-8686   
Address:  235 Littleton Road Ste 2
          Westford, MA 01886 
Support:  NESA is an active participant and supporter of IBIS activities.
          Dr. Sayre is the chairperson of the IBIS Users' Group.
          NESA engineers use IBIS models for signal integrity analysis on
          high-speed designs.
Tag-line: The team at NESA specializes in design and analysis of products for
          high performance networking, telecommunication, computer,
          semiconductor and interconnect companies.  NESA's engineers have the
          experience and knowledge required to turn difficult design challenges
          into cost effective, timely solutions.  NESA information, and
          technical papers are available on the World Wide Web site at
Category: IBIS user.


Primary:  Atsuji Ito
Phone:    +81-6-6905-4827,    Fax: +81-6-6905-4106
Address:  2-7 Matsuba-cho, Kadoma City, Osaka 571-8502
Category: End user.

 Philips Semiconductors

Primary:  D.C. Sessions  
Phone:    (480) 752-6545, Fax: (480) 752-6002 
Address:  8375 South River Parkway
          MS 250
          Tempe, AZ 85284          
Secondary:Rob Mataheroe
Phone:    ++31 (0)24 353 2370, Fax: ++31 (0)24 353 2820   
Address: Building AM1.108
Gerstweg 2
6534 AE Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Tag-line: Ibis Models created for you by Philips, Your Innovating Logic Solutions Supplier.
Category: Model provider.

 Quantic EMC, Inc.

Primary:  Mike Ventham     
Phone:    +44 1761 232191, Fax: +44 1761 233549
Address:  Croft House, Chilcompton
          Bath, Somerset, England BA3 4JA
Secondary:Al Wexler     
Phone:    (204) 942-4000, Fax: (204) 957-1158
Address:  191 Lombard Ave
          Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 0X1
Support:  Quantic provides an IBIS interface (based on the Golden Parser) that
          will read IBIS models and automatically load the device models and
          components into the database for use by the Compliance and Omega 
          PLUS SI/EMC analysis tools. SPICE models are also created for use 
          PCB Greenfield (our pre and post layout transmission line simulator). 
Tag-line: Quantic has been the leading supplier of field solvers and
          signal integrity tools since 1983. We also provide leading edge
          Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tools.
Category: EDA vendor

Robinson Nugent

Primary: Alexander (Sandy) Barr
Phone:   (812) 941-3573     Fax: (812) 945-0805
Secondary:Aaorn Sparks
Phone:   (812) 949-6361     Fax: (812) 945-0805
Address: 800 East Eight Street
         P.O. Box 1208
         New Albany, IN 47151-1208

* Samtec 

Primary:  Otto Bennig 
Phone: (717) 697-7434 Fax: (717) 697-8872
Address: 4909 Louise Dr., Ste. 107
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
Secondary: Corey Kimble
Phone: (717) 697-9585 Fax: (717) 697-8872
Address: 4909 Louise Dr., Ste. 107
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
Support: Samtec currently offers interconnect models in several formats
(examples include SPICE, DML, MMF) on our website, and we are in
the process of creating IBIS models in support of the IBIS
Interconnect Model (ICM) Specification.
Tag line: Samtec is the Sudden Service connector company providing Flexible
Design Solutions for high speed, high density, micro, standard
board-to-board, I/O, micro card, cable, and power interfaces.
Category: IBIS user and model developer

* Siemens AG

Primary:  Eckhard Lenski    
Phone:    +49-89-722-27776   Fax : +49-89-722-44692
Address:  Siemens AG
          Dept: ICN M&L OP Bsl TDC TC 3
          D-81379 Munich
Secondary:Manfred Maurer    
Phone:    +49-89-636-47421   Fax : +49-89-636-47586
Address:  Siemens AG
          Dept: I&S IT PS C S MCH
          Otto-Hahn-Ring 6
          D-81739 Munich
Support:  Siemens ICN(Information & Communication Networks) provides the 
          service of creation, validation, verification and improvements
          of IBIS-models, which are used for high frequency Signal Integrity
          and EMI-Analysis and Design Rule Check within Siemens ICM(Information
          & Communication Mobiles) and ICN. Sources for IBIS-Models are HSPICE
          Web and Datasheets. IBIS-Modeling and check is performed with
          in-house developed tools( ibischeck, s2ib, dogen) based on own
          practical application and component experiences.
          Siemens I&S(Industrial Solution & Services) provides services for
          internal and external use to generate IBIS models based on HSPICE
          and to generate SPICE behavioral models based on IBIS. For obtaining
          accurate high quality models Siemens I&S has developed in-house
          HSPICE2IBIS and IBIS2SPICE converters.
Tag-Line: Siemens I&S provides a broad spectrum of Electronic Design
          Services ranging  from engineering, design support and consulting
          in the domain of ASIC, FPGA, PCB and System Design with particular
          emphasis on High Speed Design and EMC Engineering.
          Detailed information on our services are available on the Website 
          at http://www.eda-services.com
Category: IBIS user and model developer.

Siemens Medical Solutions Ultrasound Division

Primary:  David Lieby    
Phone:    (650) 694-5030  Fax: (650) 943-7260
Address:   Mail Stop 4-1
           1230 Shorebird Way
           Mountain View, CA 94043
Support:   IBIS user for SI analysis under Cadence tools.  Some in house model
Tag-line:  Siemens USD makes extensive use of Signal Integrity Analysis.  The 
           creation of accurate sonograms demands very high signal to noise
           ratios.  IBIS and SPICE analysis are part of the methodology.
Category:  IBIS user

* Signal Integrity Software, Inc.

Primary:  Robert Haller         
Phone:    (978) 461-0449  x15    Fax: (978) xxx-xxxx
Secondary:Barry Katz
Phone:    (978) 461-0449  x19    Fax: (978) 461-5092
Address:  6 Clock Tower Place, Suite 250
          Maynard, MA 01754
Support:  Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft) is an active participant and
          supporter of IBIS activities. SiSoft develops, validates, and supports
          IBIS models 1.1->3.2 in its consulting services and SiAuditor
Tag-line: Signal Integrity Software solves high-speed design challenges.  
          Since 1995, SiSoft solutions have included the industry's most
          rigorous methodology, expert consultants averaging over 15 years
          experience, and the patented SiAuditor(TM) toolkit.  SiSoft is the 
          only company that addresses signal integrity from Core-to-Core(TM),
          helping its customers boost the performance and reliability of 
          their designs while dramatically improving their time-to-market.  
          For more information, please visit us at www.sisoft.com.
Category: IBIS user and model developer

* Sigrity

Primary:  Raymond Chen 
Phone:    (408) 260-9344, ext. 116, Fax: (408) 260-9342
Secondary: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone:    (408) 260-9344, ext. xxx, Fax: (408) 260-9342
Address:  4675 Stevens Creek Blvd. , Ste 130
          Santa Clara, CA-95051
Support:  Sigrity tools support IBIS models
Tag-line: Sigrity provides fast, accurate tools for power and signal integrity
          analysis of packages and printed circuit boards
Category: EDA vendor

Sintecs BV 

Primary:  Hans Klos 
Phone: +31-546-659015, Fax: +31-546-659013
Address: Sintecs BV
Hoofdweg 95,
7676 AC Westerhaar,
The Netherlands
Support: Sintecs is a EDA design services company
We provide services worldwide on the area of :
- Front-end design support
- Back-end design support
- Design flow automation
- Design data management
- Signal integrity analyses
- EMC analyses
- Static timing analyses
- Thermal analyses
- High speed board layout
- IBIS model validation and verification
- DFM analyses
Tag-line: Sintecs BV is a leading European EDA service provider
for your complete system design flow.
Category: IBIS user and model developer



Primary:  Rob Hinz     
Phone:     503-885-1231   Fax : (503) 885-0550
Secondary:Dave Macemon     
Phone:    (503) 885-1231   Fax : (503) 885-0550
Address:  P.O. Box 3090
          18735 S.W. Boones Ferry Road  
          Tualatin, OR 97062-3090          
Support:  SiQual is a Consulting Company that provides the following services:
          - IBIS Model Translations (SPICE to IBIS)
          - IBIS Model Validations and Verifications
          - Architecture and Pre-layout SI Studies
          - Pre-Routing SI and Timing Reviews
          - Post-Routing SI and Timing validation sweeps
          - High Speed Board Design (Place and Route)
          - Stackup Studies
          - SI Training
          - IBIS Training (Creation and validation)
Tag-Line: SiQual works as an integral part of your design team to get your most
          difficult designs analyzed quickly and accurately.
Category: IBIS Model Creation (As Consulting engagements), IBIS model users.


Primary:   Armando Conci 
Phone:     +39 039 6036149, Fax: +39 039 6035128
Secondary: Sandro Ferreri
Phone:     +39 0957404763, Fax: +39 0957404034
Address:   Stradale Primosole 50
           95121 Catania Italy 
Secondary: Antonio Girardi 
Phone:     +39 039 6037065, Fax: +39 039 6035128 
Address:   Via C. Olivetti 2
           20041 Agrate Brianza (Milano)
Support:  STMicroelectronics, Memory Product Group, Flash Division       
          guarantees high accuracy IBIS models for selected
          standalone standard and advanced architecture ST Flash Memory 
          devices for ST customers usage inside board simulation.
          The model request submit form is available at                  

Tag-line: STMicroelectronics (formerly SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics) is  
          a global independent semiconductor company, whose shares are   
          traded on the New York Stock Exchange, on the Paris Bourse and 
          on the Milan Stock Exchange. The Company designs, develops,    
          manufactures and markets a broad range of semiconductor        
          integrated circuits (ICs) and discrete devices used in a wide  
          variety of microelectronics applications, including            
          telecommunications systems, computer systems, consumer         
          products,automotive products and industrial automation and     
          control systems. Further information on ST can be found at     

Category: IBIS models developer.

Sun Microsystems

Primary:  Timothy Coyle    
Phone:    (781) 442-1093
Address:  Sun Microsystems
One Network Drive
Burlington, MA 01803-0903
Tag-line: The network is the computer.
Category: IBIS user

* Synopsys

(including the former Avanti Corporation)
Primary:  Hailong Wang    
Phone:    +86-21-62837026-228, Fax: +86-21-62820249
Secondary:Chenxin Cai    
Phone:    +86-21-62837026-228, Fax: +86-21-62820249
Address:  16/F, Sun Tong Infoport Plaza,
          No. 55 West Huai Road,
          Shanghai, P. R. China 200030
Category: EDA vendor

Teraspeed Consulting Group LLC

Primary:  Scott McMorrow  
Phone:    503-239-5536   Fax : (503) 239-4400
Address:  2926 SE Yamhill St
          Portland, OR 97214
Secondary:Tom Dagostino
Phone:    (503) 430-1065                       
Address:  13610 SW Harness Lane               
          Beaverton, OR 97008                  
Secondary:Bob Ross          
Phone:    (503) 246-8048                      
Address:  10238 SW Lancaster Road
          Portland, OR 97219   
Support:  Teraspeed is a Consulting Company that provides the following
          - Measurement based IBIS modeling
          - IBIS Model Translations (SPICE to IBIS)
          - IBIS Model Validations and Verifications
          - IBIS Connector Models
          - System SI
          - Differential Backplane Design
          - Evaluation Systems
          - RF Design
          - SI Training
          - IBIS Training (Creation and validation)
Tag-Line: At Teraspeed, we're in business to provide *superior value* 
          with *extreme performance* in Signal Integrity Engineering.
Category: IBIS Model Creation (As Consulting engagements), IBIS model users.

* Texas Instruments, Inc.

Primary:  Thomas Fisher(Data 
Phone:    (214) 480-3736   Fax: (214) 480-3160
Address:  12500 TI Boulevard
          Dallas, TX. 75243
          M/S 8710
Secondary:Jean Claude Perrin EMC 
support (Texas Instruments France)                     
          Chair of the IEC WG6EMC task force     
Phone:    (33) 4 93 22 23 90  Fax: (33) 4 93 22 27 40     
Address:  821 Avenue Jack Kilby - BP5   
          06271 Villeneuve Loubet Cedex 
Secondary:Stephen M. Nolan(Standard 
Linear and Logic)                     
Phone:    (903) 868-7410  Fax: (903) 868-5980     
Address:  6412 South Sam Rayburn Freeway, M/S 835   
          Sherman, TX 75090 
Support:  Data Transmissions Group is ramping up to provide IBIS
          models for their new products.
Tag-line: With more than 15,000 worldwide customers, TI's unique breadth
          of digital and mixed-signal products offer innovative solutions
          for today's competitive global markets. 
Category: Model provider

* Time Domain Analysis Systems, Inc. (TDA Systems)

Primary:  Dima Smolyansky
Phone:    (503) 246-2272 Fax: (503) 246-2282
Secondary:Steven Corey
Phone:    (503) 246-2272 Fax: (503) 246-2282
Address:  4000 Kruse Way Place
          Bldg.2, Suite 300
          Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Support:  TDA Systems tools allow IBIS model extraction from TDR measurement
          for IC package and PCB interconnects and passive structures
Tag-line: TDA Systems provides tools for interconnect measurements, modeling 
          and model verification. Our IConnect(R) software provides accurate
          interconnect models by linking real-time waveform acquisition from
          TDR instrumentation, model extraction based on the interconnect true
          impedance profile, and model verification using an integrated
          interface to a circuit simulator. We ensure customer success in
          interconnect modeling work by providing our interconnect
          measurement and modeling expertise.
Category: Provider of tools for IBIS model development

 Tyco Electronics

Primary:  modeling@amp.com
Phone:                   Fax: 
Phone:                   Fax: 
Address:  Harrisburg, PA
Support:  Tyco Electronics currently provides SPICE models. We are evaluating
          IBIS formatted models and plan to create IBIS models to support the
          IBIS connector standard.
Tag-line: Tyco Electronics is the world's leading supplier of electrical and
          electronic connectors and interconnection systems. Innovative
          solutions for many industries including Automotive, Computer, 
          Communications, Consumer, and Industrial.
Category: IBIS user

 VIA Technologies, Inc.

Primary:  Weber Chuang    
Phone:    886-2-22185452 ext 6522  Fax: 886-2-22187527
Secondary:Daniel Wei    
Phone:    886-2-22185452 ext 6352  Fax: 886-2-22187527
Secondary:Tina Wu    
Phone:    886-2-22185452 ext 6043  Fax: 886-2-22187527
Address:  8F, No. 533, Chunchen Rd. 
          Shintien County, Taipei.
          Taiwan.  ROC.
Support:  VIA Technologies, Inc.  provides IBISv1.1, IBISv2.1, IBISv3.2
          compatible IBIS models to our customers for SI and timing simulations.
Tag-line: VIA Technologies, Inc. is a IC maker whose products covers PC corelogic 
          chipsets, PC peripheral chips,  lan chipsets and DVD chipsets.   
Category: IBIS user and model developer/provider


Primary:  Raymond Anderson
Phone:    (408)626-6277,  Fax: (408)XXX-XXXX
Address:  2100 Logic Drive
          San Jose, CA 95124
Support:  Xilinx provides IBIS models for it's products.

Tag-line: Xilinx is the worldwide leader in complete programmable logic
          solutions. For more information, visit www.xilinx.com
Category: IBIS Model maker


Primary:  Michael Schaeder
Phone:    +49-5251-150670,  Fax: ++49-5251-150-700
Address:  Zuken GmbH
          EMC Technology Center
          Vattmannstrasse 3
          D-33100 Paderborn, Germany
Secondary:Ralf Bruening
Phone:    +49-5251-150670,  Fax: ++49-5251-150-700
Address:  Zuken GmbH
          EMC Technology Center
          Vattmannstrasse 3
          D-33100 Paderborn, Germany

Support:  Zuken supports IBIS throughout its PCB and MCM design tool
          suite, including CR5000, Hot-Stage, Visula and CADSTAR.
          A single simulation library, including push-button IBIS
          model import, is used throughout the tool suite.
          Zuken has its own solution for signal integrity and EMC,
          including time and frequency domain simulation, placement
          and routing. All of this software can use IBIS as its source
          of simulation models.

Tag-line: Zuken is one of the world's leading suppliers of PCB, MCM
          and Advanced Packaging EDA solutions.
          Its global research and development team has bases in Japan,
          the U.K. and Germany, dedicated to supplying the most advanced
          design systems for high-speed, high-density circuits.
          Zuken merged with INCASES GMBH of Paderborn, Germany in 2000,
          embedding advanced IBIS-compatible simulation and
          correct-by-construction capability throughout
          its design suite.
Category: EDA vendor