1998 EIA IBIS Committee Participation Roster

As of 11/23/98 (updated periodically) Rev4.3 Previous participation under old95,old96 and old97 directories Submit changes/updates to: Syed B. Huq (408)525-3399, Fax (408)526-5504

NOTE: This roster lists companies and organizations that have either participated in creating the IBIS spec or are creating/distributing/using IBIS models. Other than the specific statements of support under each organization's name, no support nor endorsement of the specification is implied. Companies designated by * are members of the EIA IBIS Open Forum.

Alcatel Telecom

Contact:   John Fitzpatrick    
Phone:     + 33 2 96 04 79 33
Fax:       + 33 2 96 04 85 09
Address:   4 rue Louis de Broglie
           22304 Lannion
Support:   IBIS models used in CAD tool chain.
Tag-line:  Telecommunication equipment manufacturer.


Contact:   Greg Steinke                    
Phone:     (408) 544-7872
Address:   101 Innovation Drive
           San Jose, CA 95134
Support:   Altera offers IBIS models for all new devices on the corporate
           web site (http://www.altera.com).
Tagline:   Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) is the world's leading
           supplier of programmable logic devices (PLDs).  Altera also provides
           software and megafunctions to support these PLDs.

* AMP Incorporated

Contact:   Martin G. Freedman
Phone:     (717) 592-6270 
Fax:       (717) 592-6179
Address:   M.S. 210-20
           P.O. Box 3608
           Harrisburg, PA 17105-3608      Harrisburg, PA 17105-3608
Support:   AMP Global Technology group is investigating the IBIS format
           for modeling connector electrical performance.  We are actively
           supporting the work of the IBIS Open Form in this area.
Tag-line:  AMP is the world's largest supplier of electrical connectors. 
           Electrical performance models, in SPICE format, are currently 
           available for high speed interconnects.

* Applied Simulation Technology, Inc

(formerly Contec CAE, Ltd.)

Contact:  Raj Raghuram    
Phone:    (408) 436-9070 ext101, Fax: (408) 436-9078
Address:  1641 N. First Street Suite 170
          San Jose, CA 95112
Support:  Applied Simulation Technology tools support IBIS models.  
Tag-line: Applied Simulation Technology offers accurate, state of the art
          signal integrity, EMI / EMC and circuit simulation tools.
Category: EDA vendor

* Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Contact:  Todd Westerhoff,  Mike LaBonte,   Celso Faia      
Phone:    (508) 262-6327, Fax: 508-262-6600 
Address:  270 Billerica Rd,
          Chelmsford,  MA 01824
Support:  Cadence fully supports IBIS models.  Cadence's SPECCTRAQuest
          product family offers a vendor-specific, IBIS compatible signal 
          integrity library of over 9000 components.  Cadence also 
          provides a translator program enabling the conversion of IBIS 
          1.1 through 3.1 files to Cadence library format.
Tag-line: Cadence, the worldwide leader in electronic design automation,
          combines leading-edge technology and a complementary set of
          services to accelerate and advance the overall performance 
          engineering of high-speed electronic systems.
Category: EDA vendor

*Cisco Systems,Inc

Contact:  Syed Huq 
Phone:    (408) 525-3399, Fax: 408-526-5504
Address:  170 West Tasman Drive
          San Jose, CA 95134-1706, USA
Support:  Cisco is an active participant and supporter of IBIS activities.
          IBIS models are used for Signal Integrity Analysis on
          High-speed Networking products. Cisco is also the webmaster of the
          IBIS website.
Tag-line: Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in
          networking for the Internet. Cisco products include routers, LAN and
          ATM switches, dial-up access servers and network management software.
          These products, integrated by the Cisco IOS software, link
          geographically dispersed LANs, WANs and IBM networks. Cisco Systems
          news and product/service information are available on the World Wide
          Web site at http://www.cisco.com. Cisco Systems is headquartered in
          San Jose, California.
Category: IBIS user and model developer.

* Compaq Computer Corporation

(also formerly Digital Equipment Corporation)
Contact:  Robert Haller  
Phone:    (978) 493-4112, Fax: (978) 493-0941
Address:  129 Parker St. PKO3-1/20C
          Maynard, MA 01754
Support:  Digital will generate IBIS models for its own chip products, 
          including the line of ALPHA AXP microprocessors, peripheral and   	
	  communication chips, as needed, and support IBIS models in 		
	  in-house simulation tools.
Tag-line: Digital, maker of the world's fastest microprocessor, is also a 
          leading developer of computer systems, and networking and 
          communication products, including PCI.

Crucial Technology

(subsidiary of micron)
Contact:  Rathna Reddy 
Phone  :  512-248-5107
Fax    :  512-248-5190
Address:  One Chisholm Trail
	   suite 3200 Round Rock
	   Texas 78681 
Support: IBIS model used in Mentor tool (ICX ). 

* Cypress Semiconductor

Contact:  Bruce Wenniger    
Phone:    (408) 943-2688, Fax: (408) 943-2843
Address:  3901 N. First Street , MS2.2-3
          San Jose, CA 95134
Support:  Cypress will generate IBIS models for the integrated circuits
          it designs and manufactures.
Tag-line: Cypress is a leader in the development and production of high-
          performance CMOS and BiCMOS digital integrated circuits.
Category: Model provider

EIA/Electronic Information Group

Contact:  Patti Rusher 
Phone:    (703) 907-7545. Fax: (703) 907-7501
Address:  2500 Wilson Blvd.
          Arlington, VA 22201

* H.A.S Electronics, Inc

Contact:  Haruny Said  
Phone:    (508)624-6227, Fax:(508)624-6054
Address:  33 Boston Post Rd West, Suite 270
          Marlborough, MA 01752
Support:  H.A.S Electronics, Inc is currently developing a number of service
	  and tools in order to provide inexpensive and accurate IBIS models
	  to engineers over the World Wide Web
Tag-line: H.A.S Electronics, Inc is a small and growing company that has been
	  providing IBIS modeling services since 1995. Our aim is to create a
	  high quality reliable service with a small customer base and then
	  grow gradually with the increasing demand for models.         

* Hewlett-Packard/HP EEsof Division

Contact:  Karl Kachigan   
Phone:    (707) 577-3949,  Fax: (707) 577-5260 
Address:  1400 Fountaingrove Parkway
          Santa Rosa, CA 94503
Support:  Support IBIS models in HP 85240 Picosecond Interconnect
          Modeling Suite for interconnect model development and
Tag-line: HP EEsof is a leading supplier of high frequency analog
          (RF/Microwave) design and modeling tools.
Category: EDA vendor

* High Design Technology

Contact:  Razvan Ene          
Phone:    + 39 11 746.104, Fax: + 39 11 748.109
Address:  c.so Trapani 16
          10139 Torino - Italy
Support:  High Design Technology (HDT) provides services to characterize
          and create IBIS models from datasheet or wide-band measure
          system based on TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer).
          HDT will soon provide a translation program that converts from
          IBIS models format to internal .emd/.pmd models format. This
          translator will use the Golden Parser code with improved checks.

Tag-line: HDT, founded in 1990, provides tools and services for signal
          integrity and EMC simulation of printed circuit boards and
          multichip modules within its environment PRESTO. Proprietary wide-band
          behavioural models allow accurate simulation of large and
          high-speed systems.
	  HDT provides also customization services for its clients. An
          example of solution developed under custom specification is the 
          THRIS tool suite adopted by Telecom Italia (the major italian
          telecom operator) for the qualification of network apparatus.
Category: EDA vendor and models provider 

* HyperLynx

Contact:  Kellee Crisafulli   
Phone:    (206) 869-2320, Fax: (206) 881-1008
Address:  17641 N.E. 67th. Ct.
          Redmond, WA 98052
Support:  HyperLynx supplies signal integrity and electromagnetic-compatibility
	  (EMC) analysis software. 

	  HyperSuite: HyperSuite is an integrated Windows 95/98/NT-based
          software suite that includes pre-layout (LineSim) and post-layout
          (BoardSim) signal integrity and EMC simulation products with options 
          for crosstalk analysis. 

	  BoardSim: BoardSim allows automated verification by reading a routed
          board-layout file.  These files can come from numerous PCB layout
          packages. Options include EMC analysis.  BoardSim natively supports 
          IBIS files and ships with a set of IBIS libraries. 

	  LineSim: LineSim allows detailed planning prior to labor-intensive
          layout, using a specialized "topology" schematic editor to model
          complex interconnect scenarios.  Options include EMC analysis and 
          crosstalk analysis. The simulator
          reads IBIS files as part of its native library support. LineSim ships
          with a set of IBIS libraries.

          Visual IBIS Editor: Visual IBIS Editor is an IBIS model development 
          tool available without charge at www.hyperlynx.com. It includes syntax
          Validation, model templates, a wavetable viewer, and text editor.

Tag line: HyperLynx's signal integrity and EMC simulation tools are used by
          more engineers than any competing tool on the market today.

Category: EDA vendor

* INCASES Engineering GmbH

Contact:  Werner Rissiek, Olaf Rethmeier
Phone:    ++49-5251-150-620, ++49-5251-150-625, Fax: ++49-5251-150-700 
Address:  INCASES Engineering GmbH
          Vattmannstrasse 3
          D-33100 Paderborn, Germany
Support:  INCASES provides the simulation packages INSIDE (INCASES Signal 
	  Integrity Diagnostic Environment) for signal integrity analysis 
	  and COMORAN (COMputation of RAdiatioN) for radiation analysis 
	  within its product family EMC-Workbench.

          INCASES provides the IBIS-to-INCASES converter that bases on the 
          IBIS Golden Parser 2.1. The converter creates INCASES macromodels, 
          corresponding reference lists, and further information for the 
          components in a fully automatic way. 

          The INCASES Library management tool EXLIN provides specific features
          to import the new models generated by the converter into respective 
          libraries. EXLIN checks for consistency, supports the defintion of 
          user specific IDs, and allows to reference the models also for other 
          components which show a similar behaviour as the original ones.

          Detailed information is available on request.

Tag-line: INCASES Engineering, GmbH, Germany, founded on November 1, 1994,
          is a supplier of design automation software and consulting 
          services to the electronic design automation (EDA) market, 
          focusing on EMC and 'Design for  Manufacturability'.  INCASES 
          develops, sells, and supports two major product lines: THEDA, 
          acquired from Computervision Corporation and EMC-Workbench, 
          acquired from Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG.
Category: EDA vendor

* Intel Corporation

Contact:  Will Hobbs      
Phone:    (503) 264-4369, Fax: (503) 264-4515
Address:  2111 N.E 25th Avenue, JF1-56
          Hillsboro, OR 97124-5961
Support:  Intel is a strong supporter of the IBIS standard, and provides
          IBIS models for many of its components. To access models of 
          publicly announced and supported components, access Intel models
          directory on the IBIS web page:

          For information on models of unannounced products, contact your
          local Intel field sales office.

Tag-line: Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading 
          manufacturer of personal computer networking and communications
Category: Model provider


Contact:   Charles Hymowitz     
Phone:     (310) 833 0710
Fax:       (310) 833 9658
Address:   222 West 6th St., Suite 1070
           San Pedro CA 90731
Support:   SPICE Models made from IBIS data sheets
Tag-line:  Analog and Mixed-Sgnal Design and Test tools
Category: EDA Vendor


Contact:  Shin-ichi Maeda (Maeda)
Phone:    (603) 886-8711 (ext.212), Fax: (603) 881-8763
Address:  39 Simon Street
          Nashua, NH 03051
Support:  IBIS models created and used for board level simulation.
Tag-line: A total concept solution for P.C.B. by design, simulation,
          consulting, training, analysis and schematic capture; by using
          Mentor-Board Station/Design Architect, Cadence/Allegro/Concept/
          Boardquest, Unicad and CCT-Router.

Micron Technology

Contact:  Brian Johnson  
Phone:    (208) 368-3849  Fax:
Address:  8000 South Federal Way
          P.0. Box 6
          Boise, ID 83707-0006

* Mentor Graphics

(Interconnectix Business Unit, Zeelan, etc.)
Contact:  Bob Ross  Tom Dagostino Malcolm Ash    
	  Bob Ross			Tom Dagostino		Malcolm Ash
Phone:    (503)685-0732, 		(503)685-1613 		(503)685-4737
Fax:      (503)685-4897		        (503)685-1001           (503)685-4897
Address:  Mentor Graphics
          8005 S.W. Boeckman Road
          Wilsonville, Oregon 97070
Support:  The Interconnect Synthesis (IS) product supports IBIS Version 2.1
          and some IBIS Version 3.0 features.  Interface extensions for 
          component and model selection and termination generation
          allow IBIS formatted data to be used in "what if" investigations
          and automatic synthesis operations.

          Products include the ICX Standard Library, ICX Project Modeling, and
          ICX Custom Modeling.  These products are sold to Mentor Graphics
          Interconnect Synthesis tool customers.  In addition IBIS models are
          supplied to IC vendors for re-distribution to end user customers.
          Models are created from measurements of physical devices under a
          tightly controlled high frequency fixture and modeling system, or from
          SPICE models.  These accurate models closely represent actual device
          behavior when used in simulation. 

Tag-line: The leading Interconnect Synthesis supplier and digital signal
          integrity simulation model supplier
Category: EDA Vendor, Model Provider

* Mitsubishi Semiconductor America, Inc.

Contact:  Tam(Tom) Cao(Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc. - Electronic Device Group)
Phone:    (919) 479-3479, Fax: (919) 479-3309
Address:  Three Diamond Lane
          Durham, NC 27705
Contact:  Midori Nakamae(Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. Memory IC Div)
Fax:      +81 727 80 2649
Address:   4-1 Mizuhara,Itami,Hyogo 664,Japan

Support:  Mitsubishi provides IBISv2.1 models for selected
          memory product lines.
Tag-line: Mitsubishi designs, engineers, and produces advanced semiconductor
          devices for use in computer video and communications equipment.
Category: Models provider & End user.

* Motorola

Contact:   Ron Werner
          Ron Werner 
Phone:    (602) 441-8593 
Fax:      (602) 441-2363
Address:  8201 E. McDowell Road
          Scottsdale, AZ 85252      

* National Semiconductor Corp.

Contact:  Milt Schwartz  
Phone:    (408) 721-3261, Fax:(408)721-4785 
Address:  2900 Semiconductor Drive, M/S A-2595
          Santa Clara, CA 95052
Support:  National Semiconductor provides IBISv1.1 and IBISv2.1 models
          from various product lines.  
	  Refer to http://www.natonal.com/models/ibis/ibis.html for the
          latest available models.
Tag-line: National Semiconductor will provide system-on-a-chip
     	  solutions for our key data highway strategic partners, exploiting
     	  our analog expertise as a starting point for forward integration.
Category: Model provider & End user

* NEC Corporation

Contact:  Hiroshi Sakuma
Phone:    +81 -44-435-1501(DIR), Fax: +81 -44-435-1887 
Address:  Design Sys. Dept., System ASIC Div., NEC Corp.
          1753 Shimonumabe, Nakahara-ku
          Kawasaki Japan 211
Support:  NEC is willing to write some IBIS models and a model generator
          for some of its LSI components.

North Carolina State University

Contact:  Michael Steer, Paul Franzon, Alan Glaser     
Phone:    919-515-5191   919-515-7351    919-515-3947
          FAX for all three: 919-515-5523
Address:  ECE Dept. Box 7911
          NC State Univ.
          Raleigh, NC  27695-7911
Support:  Two SPICE to IBIS converters have been developed and are in
          the public domain. They are both available on our Web page,
          and at the IBIS Web page.

* Quad Design Technology, Inc.

Contact:  Jon Powell  
Phone:    (805) 988-8250, Fax: (805) 988-8259
Address:  1385 Del Norte Rd.
          Camarillo, CA 93010
Support:  Quad Design has a translation program that translates from IBIS
          format to Quad Design .mod format.  This translator uses the 
          Golden Parser code with enhancements to warn of malformed (yet 
          legal) models.  The translator supports user input to be able to 
          select from the min-typ-max range of IBIS data.  This program 
          (IBIS2XTK) is available now and is distributed with XTK 
          Crosstalk and transmission line simulation tool kit.
Tag-line: Quad Design is a leading supplier of Signal Integrity and Timing 
          tools for high speed digital designs.
Category: EDA vendor

* Quantic EMC, Inc.

Contact:  Mike Ventham     
Phone:    (204) 942-4000, Fax: (204) 957-1158 
Address:  191 Lombard Ave
          Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 0X1
Support:  Quantic provides an IBIS reader (based on the Golden
          Parser) that will read IBIS models and automatically generate
          data files for Phidias (our graphical VI curve device modellor)
          and database files that associate the component definitions with
          the pin models.
          From Phidias, both SPICE models for PCB Greenfield (our pre
          and post layout transmission line simulator) and models used
          in BoardScan, (our PC board screener for signal integrity and
          crosstalk problems), EmcScan, (for scanning radiated
          emissions near the board) and Compliance (the EMC system simulator) 
          can be created.
          This is available now for Quantic customers.

Tag-line: Quantic has been the leading supplier of field solvers and
          signal integrity tools since 1983. We also provide leading edge
          Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tools.
Category: EDA vendor

* LSI Logic(Symbios, Inc.)

Contact:  Larry Barnes
Phone:    (719) 533-7000 
Fax:      (719) 533-7480
Address:  4420 Arrowswest Drive
          Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Support:  Symbios will generate selective IBIS models for the integrated
          circuits it manufactures.
Category: Model Provider

* Texas Instruments, Inc.

Contact:  Ben Andresen(ASIC), Roger Cline(ASIC)
          Thomas Fisher(Data Transmissions)                                     
	  Jean Claude Perrin(Texas Instruments France)

          Ben Andresen			 Roger Cline
Phone:	  (972) 480-4028                 (972) 480-4053
Fax:      (972) 480-4400                 (972) 480-4400
Address:  8505 Forest Lane               8505 Forest Lane
          Dallas, TX. 75243              Dallas, TX. 75243
          M/S 8664                       M/S 8664

          Thomas Fisher      		Jean Claude Perrin         
          (Data Transmissions)   	EMC support (Texas Instruments France)                     
          (972) 480-3736           	Chair of the IEC WG6EMC task force     
          (972) 480-3160       		Phone: (33) 4 93 22 23 90        
          8505 Forest Lane        	Fax  : (33) 4 93 22 27 40     
          Dallas, TX. 75243        	821 Avenue Jack Kilby - BP5   
          M/S 8710     			06271 Villeneuve Loubet Cedex France
Support:  TI is working on a tool to automatically generate IBIS models
          from TI SPICE simulations (TI's proprietary SPICE dialect).  
          Data Transmissions Group is ramping up to provide IBIS (v2.1) models
          for their new and existing products.

Tag-line: With more than 15,000 worldwide customers, TI's unique breadth
          of digital and mixed-signal products offer innovative solutions
          for today's competitive global markets. 
Category: Model provider

* Thomson-CSF/SCTF

Contact:  Jean Lebrun  
Phone:    1/69 33 00 99, Fax: 1/69 33 00 10
Address:  L'oree De Corberville
          BP 56
          91401 Orsay

UltraTest International

Contact:  Charles Im    
Phone:    (408) 433-2244 Fax:  (408) 433-5508
Address:  2284-C Ringwood Ave
          San Jose, CA, 95131
Support:  UltraTest International supports automated data generation
	  from lab measurements for IBIS modeling.  
Tag-line: UltraTest International manufactures the MultiTrace System, which is
	  a fully automated, digital sampling, integrated curve tracer and DC 
	  Parametric tester with latch-up capabilities.  It can do any type of 
	  DC electrical characterization for devices up to 625 pins and with 
	  data manipulation software, the MultiTrace is able to acquire 
	  measurements from a device or wafer and format the data in any desired 


(A Cadence Company)
Contact:  Celso Faia   
Phone:     (613) 596-9091 Ext. 337
Address:   2745 Iris Street
           6th Floor
           Ottawa, Ontario K2C 3V5
Support:   SytheSolve/UniSolve supports IBIS version 2.1 in native 
Tag-line:  UniCAD, INC. provides software used in the design of 
           printed circuit boards and multichip modules.  It 
           provides the only available concurrent virtual 
           prototyping environment that can simultaneously 
           deal with Emissions, Signal Integrity, and Thermal 
           issues throughout the design process.
Category:  EDA vendor

* VeriBest Inc.

Contact:  David Wiens    
Phone:    (303) 581-2306
Address:  6101 Lookout Rd.
          Boulder, CO  80301
Support:  The VeriBest PCB Signal Analyzer product uses native IBIS
          device models for signal simulation. 
Tag-line: VeriBest Inc. provides electronic design automation tools for 
          designers of electronic system that include PCBs, ASICs, FPGAs, 
          and PLDs. VeriBest bridges the cost/capability gap by providing
          proven design flows that interoperate between Windows NT/95 and 
          UNIX operating systems.
Category: EDA vendor

* VLSI Technology

Contact: Richard Ulmer   
Phone:    (602) 752-6252  Fax: (602) 752-6002
Address:  8375 South River Parkway
          Tempe, AZ 85284

* Zuken-Redac

Contact:  John Berrie   
Phone:    +44 (0)1454 207800, Fax +44 (0)1454 207803

Address:  Zuken-Redac Research & Design Centre,
          1500 Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4RF

          Other offices worldwide

Support:  Zuken-Redac fully supports IBIS with the introduction of Visula
          release 5.0.5 on Windows NT and Unix in 1998. Tools include
          constraint engineering and prototyping via a new
          product (Hot-Stage), autorouting with IBIS-based constraints, new
          functionality in the user-programmable Design Adviser and full
          IBIS compatibility in existing products. In addition, 
          IBIS-compatible third-party products interface to our environment,
          allowing a single set of models for SI and EMC.
Tag-Line: Zuken-Redac is a world leader in design automation, providing
          open, leading technology, standards-based CAD-CAM solutions.
Category: EDA vendor