Friday, January 31, 2014

Santa Clara Convention Center

Santa Clara, California

Mission City room, M1

Sponsored by Agilent Technologies, DesignCon and the IBIS Open Forum

(order and times subject to change)

Meeting minutes

8:00 AM     Refreshments & Sign In

8:30 AM     Official Opening
	  - Welcome to Summit
	  - Introductions

8:45 AM     Chair's Status Report
	    Michael Mirmak, Intel Corporation

9:15 AM     Rantings of an IBIS Minimalist
	    Ken Willis, Cadence Design Systems

9:35 AM     IBIS and SAE
	    Chris Denham, SAE International

9:55 AM     BREAK

10:10 AM    IBIS-ATM Task Group Report
	    Arpad Muranyi, Mentor Graphics Corporation

10:30 AM    Package Modeling Proposal with [External Circuit]
	    Arpad Muranyi, Mentor Graphics Corporation
	    Ambrish Varma, Cadence Design Systems

11:00 AM    IBIS Package Proposal
	    Walter Katz, Signal Integrity Software (SiSoft)

12:00 PM    LUNCH
	    Pre-registration required

1:00 PM     IBIS-AMI Validation
	    Zilwan Mahmod and Anders Ekholm, Ericsson

1:40 PM     An Advanced Behavioral Buffer Model with Over-Clocking Solution
	    Yingxin Sun, Joy Li, and Joshua Luo, Cadence Design Systems

2:25 PM     Build Your Own IBISCHK
	    Bob Ross, Teraspeed Consulting Group
	    Mike LaBonte, Signal Integrity Software (SiSoft)

2:45 PM     BREAK

3:00 PM     Memory Packaging Technology & Modeling
	    Randy Wolff, Micron Technology

3:30 PM     Open Discussion

4:45 PM     Concluding Items
	  - Next Open Forum Meeting: February 21, 2014

5:00 PM     End of Meeting Room Availability

Meeting minutes