Welcome to the IBIS Open Forum
NEW Available for download: IBISCHK6.1.4 golden parser for IBIS 6.1 (Windows/Linux/MacOS)
Our Specifications
I/O Buffer Information Specification (IBIS 6.1) (SAE/EIA-STD-656-B) (IEC-62014-1)
IBIS Interconnect Modeling Specification (ICM 1.1) (SAE/GEIA-STD-0001)
IBIS Interconnect SPICE Subcircuit Specification (IBIS-ISS 1.0)
Touchstone® File Format Specification (Touchstone 2.0)
Our Members
The IBIS Open Forum is the industry organization responsible for the management of the IBIS specifications and standards including IBIS, IBIS-AMI, IBIS-ISS, ICM, and Touchstone. The Open Forum meets every three weeks by teleconference. Membership is open to all interested companies. If you are interested in joining the IBIS Open Forum, please contact the IBIS Open Forum Chair or any of the IBIS Officers.
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